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2024 VFX & Compositing for Clickbait: Unfollowed & Invasive & Bodycount (Tubi Original movies) with WeHeartMedia
2023 3D-compositing-artist for Storks Journey 2 (animation feature) with Knudsen-Picture * 3D-layout-artist for Elli (animation feature) with Dreamin Dolphin
2022 3D-compositing-artist for My Fairy Troublemaker (animation feature) with SERU-Film * motionDesign-artist for Mia and Me: The Hero of Centopia (animation feature) with Studio 100 Media
2020 2D-character-design-rigging-animation for Sendung mit Floh Kleist-Forum (FFO) * motion design & Projection Mapping at Moto-Bar in Berlin * lecturer for VFX & 3D-animation at wave-academy
2019 motion design for 30th anniversary fall of the Wall video projection in Berlin * 3D-animation and rendering an immersive Buick GL8 Avenir for Auto Shanghai Exhibition with InVR.Space Berlin * compositing artist for Rabe Socke 3 (animation feature) with SERU-Film
2018 CFX & waterFX for Petterson und Findus 3 (live-action feature) at chimney Berlin * vfx-artist for Dendemann (music-video) at VISCOMTE * compositing for Worry Eaters (animation tv-series) at Hahnfilm Berlin

2017 3D-modeling-artist for a chinese amusement park with IMAGINATION:FIRST * comicbook-artist for IMD Berlin-Potsdam * motion design for Stereo-VR-Projekt DB-Horizon at INVR.SPACE Berlin * compositing for Lumi & Bo (animation tv-series) at Hahnfilm Berlin * lecturer for Maya at Best-Sabel DesignSchule
2016 fx-animation & fx-design for Das kalte Herz (live-action feature) at chimney Berlin * compositing & fx for Harry and Bip (animation tv-series) at InkAndLightFilm in Dublin * vfx-work for Mia and Me (season 3) (live-action part)
2015 fx-animation & fx-design for Mullewapp: Eine Schöne Schweinerei (animation feature) at motionworks in Halle(Saale)

2014 design & animation of faces for a video-projection on a popUp-stage in a theater-project * animatic, animation, sound and compositing for a Hexagon Metrology promotion-short
2013 supervisor fx-animation for Keinohrhase und Zweiohrküken (animation feature) at cartoon-film in Berlin * lecturer for digital effects at Games Academy Berlin
fx-animation & compositing for Kleiner Rabe Socke (animation feature) at Pixomondo/Berlin * storyboard-revision for Bibi Blocksberg (animation tv-series) for a-film in Berlin
2010 compositing-artist for Das Sandmännchen - Abenteuer im Traumland (animation feature) at animagix in Leipzig * art director for STARGATE entertainment events in Johannesburg

storyboard-revision for Bibi Blocksberg and Bibi & Tina (tv-series) for a-film in Berlin * CLUB2010 design and graphics for MATCH Event Hospitality in Johannesburg
2007 compositing-artist for Thielen-Bertelsmann (short) at Hahn-Film Berlin * flyer-design for animoart and sg siemens * storyboard-revision for Bibi & Tina (tv-series) for a-film in Berlin
2006 3D-animation & inkNpaint-, compositing-artist for Speedy (Gonzales) Credit (commercial) for Hahn-Film Berlin * ci-design for children united foundation in Johannesburg
digitalFX-animation & compositing-artist for Asterix & the vikings (feature) at a-film in copenhagen * logo-flyer-web-design for Tante Käthe-Klub in Berlin * compositing & fx-animation for animated shorts LOVE and FISH
2003 BG-touchUp, compositing & fx-animation for Jester Till (feature) at Munich Animation
2002 creative director for tv-series-project a.n.n. - animal news network puppet-play mixture with life action in johannesburg * logo- & digital set-design for "crazy cookin company" (tv-series)
2001 3D-& compositing-artist for The Little Polarbear (feature) with ASL Hamburg * postproduction supervisor for tv-series @dventurers in Shanghai
2000 3D-design & -animation for Abrafaxe - under the black flag (feature) in Ho-Chi-Minh-City for Hahnfilm
1999 interactive 3D-animation for EXPO2000-project planet of vision (CD-Rom) with av-communication in Stuttgart * 3D-artist for Heavy Metal 2000 (feature) at Trixter in Munich
1998 3D-artist and compositor for Alive-pilot for Sat1 (tv) * at CAA-studios in Stuttgart * compositing in Munich for Tobias Totz and its lion (feature) at Munich Animation
1997 university diploma: WWW-CD-Rom Making of The Fearless Four
1996 compositor at Bavaria-Film for Tigerente (tv-series) * for The Fearless Four (feature) compositing at Munich Animation
1995 study: Diploma - media consulting * digital department of Hahnfilm Berlin, compositor for tv-productions (Benjamin Blümchen, Bibi Blocksberg, pilot films, Commercials, music-video)
1992 study: [communication science] & [computer science] at the Technische Universität Berlin, various video and multimedia-projects